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The hottest pin-up and rockabilly accessories in town! We carry brands such as Tres Noir, Suavecito Pomade, Trophy Queen, and T.U.K Shoes and so much more!
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The Worst Patch
Our Price: 5.00

This says it all. You are THE WORST. This is THE WORST. They are THE WORST. That is THE WORST. THE WORST.
Get Lost Patch
Our Price: 6.00

This patch says it for you, "Get Lost", but in an awesome colorful totem pole way.
Embroidered patch with iron on adhesive.
Get Boned Patch
Our Price: 6.00

Here's another way to tell people off....our favorite thing! Green skeleton hand on black. (appears more blue in stock photo but product is green)
Embroidered patch with iron on adhesive.
Hail Pizza Patch
Our Price: 6.00

Worship the pizza, eat the pizza, become PIZZA.
Embroidered patch with iron on adhesive.
Dead Chick Patch
Our Price: 6.00

This dead chick is screwed! Dead chick artwork patch.
Rat Rod Patch
Our Price: 6.00

Rat fink ratrod patch.
Suavecito Bay Rum After Bath
Our Price: 6.99

A splash after you shave. A splash after your shower. A splash before a big date. This Bay Rum After Bath by Suavecito should be an integral part of your daily routine. 4 oz bottle
-Healing and soothing aftershave
-Prevents razor burn and irritation
-unique bayrum scent
-Made in the USA
Traditional Kustoms Magazine
Our Price: 7.00

Nik Scarlett Vulture Patch
Our Price: 7.00

This gem is designed by the talented artist Nik Scarlette!
Embroidered patch with iron on adhesive.
Suavecita Volumizing Dry Shampoo
Our Price: 8.99

Keep your hair healthy and manageable with Suavecita's Dry Shampoo. Washing your hair everyday isn't ideal or healthy for your hair. Now you can have the best of both world's with this volumizing dry shampoo!